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This Conference seeks to:


1. Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the First World Symposium on Action Research and the 20th Anniversary of the 4th World Congress of the Association of Action Learning and Action Research (ALARA) and the 8th Meeting of Participatory Action Research (PAR), convened by the Colombian sociologist Orlando Fals Borda and a group of colleagues in Cartagena;


2. Convene the 5th Annual Conference of the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) in Cartagena, Colombia, which will be the first ARNA conference in South America;


3. Convene the 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy, which will bring together representatives from a variety of networks, groups and organizations that use participatory approaches to work in different contexts   utilizing democratized knowledge for the purpose of creating a better world, and explore convergences of interests and strategies to support global prosperity, solidarity and sustainability;


4. Share the results of work with participatory approaches around the world, demonstrating a commitment to: 

  • The construction of more just and democratic societies,
  • The empowerment and dignity of persons and communities,
  • The protection of the planet and promotion of sustainable living for all of humanity,
  • Peace and reconciliation within and between nations and peoples.


5. Promote dialogue among those drawn to and practicing within diverse theoretical and methodological frameworks and approaches to action research, action learning, and participatory research.